Commercial Projects

Hundreds of commercial buildings, warehouses, office buildings, and related structures have been completed by ST Fabrication in WA, OR, HI, AK, and GU. 
Excelling in design-build steel solutions, we often work directly with the owner/developer and their design team.

Government Projects

ST Fabrication has successfully completed hundreds of projects for federal, state, and local governments. Customers range from DOD clients for MILCON and MACC projects supporting the mission for NAVFAC, USACE, VA, DOT, Army, Air Force.  ST Fab supplies steel solutions for numerous other state and local entities such as Sound Transit, Port of Seattle and WSDOT.

Industrial Projects

Unique steel solutions from ST Fabrication have built new and retrofitted existing cement plants, chemical plants, waste water treatment plants, and other similar projects throughout the United States and its territories.